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It is good practice to regularly download the latest version of the software. The program is developed continuously. When you download the latest version, the latest feed list is automatically included.



UK version: (release 2014-06-26)
UK-IRE Feedlist 03042014 - v.10020



fr  French version can be downloaded here


1. If you want to download and install the latest version now, you must first choose to save the installation file on your computer and exit PC-Horse prior to installing it. It is not possible to install the PC-Horse-upgrade while running the program.

2. The MINI version can only work with one (1) horse. If the installer is in a MINI-license of a former "higher" version and contains more horses and / or livestock, these are automatically saved. Note that these cannot be activated until you have purchased a higher version again and re-imported all horses to the program. No horses will disappear if you have backed up or totally uninstalled PC-Horse from your computer.

3. Ordering a license, license extension or up- or down-grading to another version can only be done from within the program. Our licensing system automatically recognizes which version you have and how many days are left of your license. This is so that you only pay the difference between the license period already paid and the new.